The good, the bad and the keywords! A beginners mini-guide.

"The success of your site will depend on various factors and placement of keywords are one of the most important."

There is battle that rages daily on the web, but there are no swords or guns involved. There are keywords! When you use google or any other search engine to locate a product service or company, you will type in a set of words. The words that you type in will change dependant on what frame of mind you're in or which way the wind blows. And on some occasions you will re-type them as you didn't get the results you wanted. For the purposes of this mini-guide we will use 'Google' for our example.

So there we are on a Sunday afternoon and you are reminded of a board game you once played, "Mousetrap". You aim your browser at 'Google' and type "Mousetrap". You are then presented with 5 links to sites selling tickets to "The Mousetrap" theatre production, 1 link to a youtube video on how to catch a mouse,1 link to a ladies boutique and then perhaps 2 links to the game that you have been so longing for. Now in this case, as the game has come up on your first page of hits you would consider this a successful search. However, if you had typed "Mouse Trap Game" (with the spaces) you will find your results to be slightly differant! You are now presented with 7 links to sites that sell the game and one wikipedia link which tells you about it. This is a very simple example of the challenges that face webmasters everyday. Which words are my customers most likely to search for? Not only that, but if they search for those words will I be on the first page of results?
When you think of keywords you should think more of phrases than individual words. In this instance you may use "mousetrap game", "Mouse trap game"," buy mouse trap game", "buy mousetrap game uk" Most of these sets of keywords will bring up a differant first page results dependant on what your potential customer typed in. So...what are your customers likely to be typing in google?